• Lace Braiding History

    Throughout history lace-making has had many trade secrets where knowledge of pattern design technique was confined to an esoteric group of practitioners. 

  • The Art of Patterning

    Tensengral Patterning is a revolutionary method of design and manufacture.  The advanced digital patterning process is powered by traditional Ja...
  • Lace Braiding Machine

    What sets a lace braiding machine apart from a standard braiding machine, is the ability to create an infinite number of patterned networks.

  • The Makers

    Brad Jamison is the sole master lace-braider in the country. His singular braided and patterned textile innovations are the result of more than a decade of trials and breakthroughs.
  • TEF Braids & Tensengral

    Tensengral bodywear began as an intimate experiment to explore the potential of programmable circular braiding using jacquard lace braiding machines.

  • A Green Virtually No Waste Manufacturing Process

    TENSENGRAL's new technology allows for the manufacture of apparel with virtually no waste and having as few as two ingredients. We've eliminated ...
  • We are Tensengral

    To dance in balanced tension is Tensengral.  We live our lives and produce goods that are in harmony with the planet.  Our bodywear works in balanced tension.