(Almost) Zero-Waste Bras in Supportive Braided Lace

"While this may at first look like a crochet or a knit, it’s neither. It’s a braid, with the difference being in how it’s made – and importantly, how it fits and supports the body." ~Estelle Puleston

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About AMBI

...one of the most comfortable bras I've ever owned!

"Looking for a SUPER comfy bralette? I was sent a bunch of designs to try out by Tensengral for a sponsored article, but I've kept wearing their reversible HiLo bra regularly since because it is honestly one of the most comfortable bras I've ever owned!"

Estelle's Review

on their own as an article of clothing...

...Well-made with a high quality Tencel fibre; they appear to be fine worn on their own as an article of clothing, or like a regular bra under the clothes. According to my wife they are very comfortable.

thom's review

in Love

I fell asleep with it on and then was able to pull it up easily and breastfeed. I'm in LOVE with them!

Mother's Review

For Men

Extra air-flow where you need it. Breathable, conformal and comfortable performance lace for men.

Men's Underwear

we are the future


TEF Braids and Tensengral have been developing zero waste, efficient fabric technologies beginning with their bodywear and footwear manufacturing inventions over a decade ago. 

Our Process



Bringing the first-ever "braided” bra and bodywear to market is a milestone for Tensengral and the of future lace as a performance fabric.


Being Tensengral

We Dream of a World where the Tensions are Balanced

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