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AMBI Bralette made by TEF Braids


I have a relatively large chest (DD) and I always struggle to not have ugly bra straps show when I wear tanks and other thin-strapped dresses. The Ambi classic winter gives me the support I need with the look that I love! I’m so impressed with the comfort and the elegance of this bra. I love that I have a choice of tying the front tighter or looser. It can be hard for us larger chested women to find a wireless bra that is both comfortable and sexy - the Ambi classic and Ambi 2 way are the answer!

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Réseau encompasses the idea of interconnectedness. So, when you encounter "réseau," think of a web of connections or a system that links various elements together.

It's the way we make things.

Tensengral = Réseau

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Re'seau Lace Washcloth

Experience Tensengral's Re'seau Lace Washcloth made with soft and silky Lyocell Tencel yarns. These patterned mesh cloths are gentle on the skin and highly absorbent.

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