"Tensengral is the enlightenment of the free distribution of tension
throughout a plexus -- Enlightenment so people can feel lighter, more comfortable and more in love with their experiences in life... That’s the value we want to give to the world."

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The look and feel of the bra is beyond compare! We each loved how soft, artistic, and beautiful each bra was. The natural color and creative designs make us want to show them off!!


Each piece is sexy and beautiful, soft and comfortable. I was concerned at first that the pattern would be bulky under my tops, but it wasn't at all. LOVE that it is locally made!


...I have seborrheic keratosis, a non-cancerous, very common skin condition in older people. Elastic under my breasts irritates it. These eliminate that problem. Back in society again, I just needed simple, gentle support for my drooping breasts. Yay!



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Tensengral ALX Fabric manufactured by TEF Braids

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AMBI Braided Bras

"We live our lives and produce goods that are in harmony with the planet.  Our bodywear works in balanced tension.  The unified, unbound, distributive filament networks in our designs perpetually shape and re-shape in reaction to movement, achieving a hold and mold evolving "hug"...You've never felt a fabric like this."