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A's Beret

This project is dedicated to Adrian Jo C. Guidotti (2015) and sponsored by Joan and Jonah.

We met Joan and Jonah during  Thurman Maple Days on Sunday, March 17, 2024.  They were visiting from NYC.  As part of the event we were giving away free AMBI bralettes to whoever wants to try something new.   I was excited to tell Joan & Jonah I had fitted four women the day before who had lumpectomy and mastectomy surgeries --  they told me they loved the no-rub softness of AMBI - each one coming out of the dressing room with a smile.

After the lace-making tour Joan asked about making a beret for young and old, who experience alopecia inducing treatments and a closer-fitting toque for Onocology nurses --  for donation to cancer centers and the like.

Brad and I conceived the "how-to" on Sunday night and then he made these prototypes, on Monday and Tuesday.  "We're getting there!" The berets are one piece of fabric with a few strands of elastic in the one inch wide band, with Supima Cotton and Tencel blended Re'seau Lace cinched and seamed fabric.  Comfortable fit, breathable, soft and pure next to skin.