ALX and XhelX - The Foundation of Tensengral's Performance Fabrics

TEF’s Tensengral technology provides a highly customizable design and production process that has the capacity to change the way many things are made.  The technology allows for the creation of high performance products such as footwear and athletic wear, that embody the “less is more” principal by  using precisely patterned filament networks for function and evolving structure.

In 2021 Bradford Jamison of TEF  Braids received a patent for the “holy grail” of patterns for production of 3D textile structures that provide support, impact resistance, balanced conformal load distribution and longevity.  Our patented fabric is a unified network of linked, spiraling duel helix filaments.  This pattern embodies characteristics that mimic nature’s resilience, demonstrating the benefits of a braid over a knit.

Both knit and braid technologies have highly controlled and precise design capabilities to engineer textiles with specific functional purposes.  Digital knitting is an automated stitch structures connected through a series of dense looped patterns.  Knitted products, such as footwear and athletic bras have the capacity to encase but depend on elastic and other fabric treatments for a conformal hold. 

In contrast, TEF’s textiles exhibit a fluid hold by distributing and balancing the tensions of movement around a unified, unbound network of filaments. Our testers have described “fluid hold” to feel like a zero gravity, almost invisible, no stressor, no chaffing quietly supportive hug that stays with you.