Name: Jen

What size Bra do you wear?: 36C

What style & size AMBI did you recieve?: 36C Classic

Thoughts!: Jen- 5'4", 120lbs, 49 years old
Best fitting. comfy and supportive. Like not wearing a bra at all. Generous in sizing. Overall thoughts- these are gorgeous and comfortable. For me (36C) they are not supportive or lifting enough- and of course this may be because I am in my late 40s and have breastfed three kids so I'm craving a "perkier" silhouette! For my teenage daughters, they think they are beautiful, and will wear them tastefully peeking out under certain outfits, but also may not wear them when they are extra active. I was able to work around the house, garden, yoga (even nap) in them, but put on a wireless "t-shirt bra" to go walking and get dressed for work. Were I to buy one, I would size down from a traditional bra.

Do you like the aesthetic?: YES! The look and feel of the bra is beyond compare! We each loved how soft, artistic, and beautiful each bra was. The natural color and creative designs make us want to show them off!!

Review: The very best part of this bra is that it was like not wearing a bra at all! Each piece is sexy and beautiful, soft and comfortable. I was concerned at first that the knit would be bulky under my tops, but it wasn't at all. LOVE that it is locally made!