What size Bra do you wear?: 36 A

What style & size AMBI did you recieve?: Hi Hi 28B

Thoughts!: Disclaimer: I am currently pregnant and therefore my size has definitely changed over the past few months! Previously I was very flat chested and that is the size I have listed as what I wear.

Hi Hi 28B: This bra I found to be more comfortable and fitting! I am embarrassed to say that I was unsure which was the front... Perhaps a small drawing on the packaging of the front and back would be helpful on the not so obvious bras? I thought they were aesthetically pleasing on both sides so I have attached a photo of me wearing it both ways, haha! This bra is more comfortable as the straps seem to be just right and make it feel as though I am not wearing anything! I do think the cup size feels smaller, which I realize its a different design but I think if it were a tad bit larger it would provide more support.

Do you like the aesthetic?: I love the color, thickness and overall comfort of these bras! The design for each is very cute & I feel very comfortable wearing them on their own when lounging around the house. I took a pregnancy progress pic while wearing the bra and attached it below! 

Review: I love this bra! As stated in past reviews, it feels as though you aren't wearing anything at all. I find the more I wear this bra the more it molds to my body and becomes increasingly more comfortable. I can't seem to decide which style I prefer most!? Guess I will have to snag em' all. :)