The Innovation

Tensengral products don’t exist anywhere else - we've imagined and produced them using an exclusive technology we've developed with our partner TEF Braids. 



Many years ago we began our development journey in response to our desire for an open mesh fabric that was able to conform to shapes without the use of elastic.  At that time this kind of fabric did not exist.  Elastic is a wonderful thing, but in today's world finding ways to reduce it's use is beneficial because it is a non-recyclable, petroleum product that is produced using toxic methods.

The fabric that comprises  the body of BRVE  provides an example of elastic-free conformability and support using only patterned filaments that mold to contours naturally.  These fabrics are a huge step forward for carbon reduction and environmentally friendly practices in fashion. (Let it be know that BRVE styles use a small amount of elastic in the band and straps but not in the body of the bra.  If you want to compost at the end of life you will need to cut these off.

BRVE's fabric innovation was made possible by re-purposed manufacturing machines that were invented a hundred years ago  to make copies of handmade Torchon lace.  These machines are still being used to make bands of lace overseas.  In 2007 our partner, TEF Braids brought  one of these machines to the USA.  Since then everyday has been about learning, inventing and testing new fabrics and designs.
After over a decade of development, BRVE is the first bodywear product we have to offer.  We believe this new, low impact, virtually zero waste manufacturing process will change the way things are made, felt and disposed of, contributing to a greener future for the planet and setting a new standard for performance, comfort, simplicity and longevity.