Braid Integration

What do our bras, a wind turbine and rocket fusolig have in common?
...they are all made from braided fabric.

Not all braids are created equally.   Most are intertwined in a familiar over, under and repeat way.  We're different.  We spiral and link like the helix of biology, creating a fabric born from nature's foundation.
There is no separateness or isolation in the things that we make.   We work together, filament to by filament, to support what is best for the whole.
No longer do you stand alone, supporting the weight in a solitary fashion.  Instead, connect with your neighbors, experiencing the togetherness that is possible when tensions are distributed in a fair and balanced way.
Is this the fabric of the universe? 
To give, to take, to find peace in sharing the load.  Let go of your bias and enter the Tensengral state of all togetherness so you may experience the security and comfort that fluid integration has to offer. 
Be at peace, be comfortable, be secure as this fabric of the universe holds you in a place of balance.