TEF Braids & Tensengral

Tensengral is a small, family-owned and operated company, based in Athol, New York.  Born in 2012, Tensengral bodywear began as an intimate experiment to explore the potential of programmable circular braiding using jacquard lace braiding machines.  Lace braiding machines were invented in the early 1900's to produce almost identical copies of handmade Torchon lace, one of the oldest bobbin lace styles common to many European regions.

In 2010 our partner TEF Braids brought their first lace braiding machine to America, not to manufacture lace but to make new fabrics with self-tensioning qualities.  It took over a decade of trial and error to understand these elusive machines that have the capacity to manufacture a myriad of products having built in function, while using minimum material, in one, virtually zero waste step.

Tensengral was born at a time when the global community seeks alternatives to decrease their environmental footprint through wise material choices and mindful manufacturing practices.  We are dedicated to sustainable production—limiting piecework and material waste—and  deeply invested in the resurgence of the country’s leadership in revolutionary fiber technologies.

Learn more about Jacquard Lace Braiding: www.tefbraids.com

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