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TRI-WEAR -- TRI Unixex Under-Shorts Iteration 3 and TRI Brami with Wide Laced Bands

TRI Unixex Under-Shorts Iteration 3 and TRI Brami Iteration 5 with Wide Laced Bands is innovative active-wear that will snugly accommodate different sizes and shapes while providing soft, sustained support. These pieces are the epitome of  "performance lace" bodywear.  Their single piece fabric construction is responsive, fluid and comfortable.  They are produced using additive manufacturing which is the gold standard for sustainable textile production.  With our additive manufacturing process the yarn is the product - so there is virtually zero manufacturing waste

Crafted from Supima Cotton and Tencel yarns,  TRI-Wear provides light compression for optimal comfort. Their moldable mesh structure ensures excellent breathability and flexibility for everyday tasks. Experience the advantages of our Tensengral form-able fabrics for a one-of-a-kind fit and feel wear sensation.

To book an appointment for tailored fits and personalized styling at our Lake George, New York, USA boutique, please reach out to us. Many of our prototype garments can be customized to meet aesthetic, performance and fit needs.