Tensengral Patterning is a revolutionary method of design and manufacture.  The advanced digital patterning process is powered by traditional Jacquard Lace Braiding Machines that are capable of forming intricate two and three dimensional, textile structures.

Patterns are created through a sequence of linking and interlacing spiraling filaments.  Sequential linking of spiraling filaments differentiates Tensengral fabrics from traditional braided materials that are interlaced.  The linked filaments are fundamental to the dynamic behavior of Tensengral's  textiles.

Mechanically interlacing yarns in diverse sequences creates a tapestry of transitioning, patterned zones within an integrally and contiguously braided framework. Diversified zones with targeted characteristics are integrated into seamless and infinite variations in texture, density, support, resistance, durability, and stretch.  

Zonally patterned fabric maintains the ability to distribute load tension throughout the structure due to continuous linked and interlaced fibers.  Continuous, unbound filaments enable a structure to perform as one responsive, tension distributive, integrated whole.