Outreach: Introduction 2

I write to make an introduction and inquire about your help in the commercialization for new apparel brands that are focused on sustainability and performance.   Over the last decade of invention and practice with programmable circular lace braiding machines I’ve transformed a technology that historically produced ornamental textiles into an efficient, virtually zero waste process to produce high performance fabrics and textile structures that provide the benefits of a braid and fluidity of a knit.

I developed the AMBI bra to share with people so they could have a testable personal experience with this technology and our fabrics. I was wondering if you would like to experience the function and feel of our new fabric.  If so, please let us know your size and shipping, and we’ll send our AMBI bra invention your way.  AMBI is a great example of patterning that distributes load and balances the tensions of movement in a “less is more” efficient way.

Please visit: www.tensengral.com and let us know if there is a specific style you would like to try.

I look forward to sharing with you.