The Art of Patterning for Bodywear

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  • Tensengral is a Sustainable Luxury Brand who works with TEF Braids.TEF Braids has transformed a lace-making machine into a technology that manufactures unbound, tension distributive patterned material. TEF's Tensengral braiding technology.

    Our companies are TEF Braids and Tensengral. We use programmable braiding machines with a patterning technology we invented to create functional fabrics and products.

  • Our environmental responsibility is built around low impact manufacturing solutions for products that use unbound, unified filament networks, instead of assembled fabric pieces, to make garments.

  • We practice the art with heritage jacquard circular lace braiding machines that have been updated with CAD and electronic controls. 

  • Braiding enables virtually waste-free, efficient manufacture for many different products using scalable, somewhat easy to learn processes.

  • We can manufacture the fabric sized correctly, in one efficient, zero waste step using virtually any thread or yarn combination.

  • Just as valuable as the machines that make the fabric is the way the yarns of the fabric are oriented, meaning how and when they link and interlace.

  • We've described these interlacements in patents that expand the scope and definition of both a braid and lace.

    Plexus of filaments with linked members

    Patterned plexus of filaments and articles made from patterned filaments.

  • Our patented fabrics unifiy groups of spiraling filaments through links that, when locked out, naturally and magically shape-shift to distribute tensions of motion.

  • AMBI Bralette Photo: arcDéco photography Model: Hayley Ellison Tensengral is a Sustainable Fashion Luxury Brand and Inventor of Performance Lace with Tensengral Lace-Making Technology

    The fabric provides a fluid hold with it's textural woven surface. This fluid hold is what makes the fabric so good. No slipping, buckling or rubbing.

  • On-body, the yarns self-organize to become more ‘dense’ in covering/disguising underlying breast tissue for modesty, more open in torso zones where
    ventilation is desirable.

  • "Almost invisible and quietly supportive"
    "The mesh material stays with you and magically adjusts with your movements.

  • On-body under tension, the braided structure actually becomes more firm/less extensible for increased support in key zones.

  • We think there's a micro-massage effect, due to the rolling of the fibers as they adjust to distribute tensions -- a really nice thing for underwear.

  • Artisan-designed and individually crafted in upstate New York, USA

  • Decades ago we began this braiding innovation when un-successfully seeking a stable, unbound mesh material that was impact resistant and conformal, for a sport product called Birdball

  • We never would have guessed that a good bit of our life would be spent developing these fabrics, conceiving of products wherein they would be useful and learning the "ins and outs" of these century old machines - crazy indeed!

  • You never know who else might be looking for this sort of material or who we might inspire to think outside the box for apparel design.

  • Let's find exciting ways to work together and explore the vast potential of this new textile art.