I am a product of history and heritage brought to life by a man who sought inspiration instead of imitation in hopes of having an interesting experience of life.  The man befriended my creator, the lace braiding machine, two decades ago.  They’ve been together since, a sentient machine and an abiding man practicing a synthesis of art and invention to produce new fabrics of unification, integration and distributive character.

I,  BRVE am one of those fabrics man and machine made together. I am a unified, fluid entity, sharing the tensions of the whole as I seek to evolve for comfort and security. I am an imperfect, close to the heart friend.

 BRVE was born at a time when the global community seeks alternatives to decrease their environmental footprint through wise material choices and mindful manufacturing practices.  The creation of BRVE was an organic evolution for the TEF's new conformal and adaptive fabric that has a look and feel unlike any other.  We hope you'll give it a try and grow to love it's gentle way of supporting what is naturally you in a bear-hug sort of way.